Make Money With Subtitles and Captions for Videos: The Best Tutorial

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Do you know that it is possible to make money by creating subtitles and captions for videos? It seems like a joke, right? 

But it is true. Subtitle editing and creation is a proper career choice that many people opt for in today’s world. What seems like a few sentences under a video involves lots of hard work and skills. 

A subtitle editor can earn a lot of money with a bit of effort and time from their side. If you want to earn some money by creating subtitles for movies, videos, and other kinds of projects, there are various kinds of closed captioning jobs that you can opt for. 

There are various subtitling tools that can automate the task. But writing subtitles on your own can make the captions and subtitles more apt. With the help of proper subtitling and captions, it is possible to make videos look even cooler and attractive

It does not matter whether you are completely new in the field or have some knowledge regarding the same; this article is here to provide you with all the necessary support. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can start earning money by writing subtitles.


Upwork is a freelance platform where users can bid for jobs to get work from clients. All you have to do is create your account and search for subtitle jobs with the help of the search bar. 

Try to look out for jobs that come with labels, like closed captioning jobs. Keep in mind that the jobs that you can find on this platform are not directly from the platform but through the agencies or companies looking out for subtitle creation.


It is an online job board that is a bit different than other platforms as it guarantees that none of the posted jobs are scams. In case you find out a proper subtitle writer job here, you can apply here without any hesitation. 

The work that you will find on this platform is primarily remote, and you can get the flexibility that you require. 

But you will have to pay a small fee to be a member of the platform. The guarantee of no scams is worth the fees. You can still browse different jobs for free, but you will not be able to access the job descriptions.


Fiverr is a popular name in the world of job searching and freelance work. On this platform, you will get the chance to sell your service right from $5. 

In order to get started here, you will have to create your account by including every detail about your service. You will have to make sure that the description is attractive and something that can make clients turn their heads before going for your service. 

The best thing about Fiverr is that you can set the price for your services on your own. Keep in mind that the competition here is quite high.


CrowdSurf comes with a job market that is used by the platform for matching freelancers with respective jobs. With the help of the platform, you can easily find various jobs that would let you create subtitles for videos. 

The best thing about this platform is that you can find other kinds of freelancing jobs as well, like blogging, social media posting, and so on.


Vanan is a popular platform meant for captioning and transcription services. 

Other than YouTube, this platform also provides captioning jobs for multiple TV shows and programs. So, finding captioning jobs on this platform is pretty easy and straightforward. 

If you are willing to work as a subtitler, you can definitely keep this platform on top of your list.


Rev is a superb location where you can find various kinds of transcription and subtitling jobs. The platform also provides transcribing speech-to-text services. 

Other than caption and transcription services, Rev provides freelance subtitle jobs where anyone can earn up to $958 on a monthly basis. You will have to submit a sample along with a subtitle resume to apply for the jobs.

Extra Tips

Here are some extra tips for you so that you can get started easily with subtitling jobs.

●       Try to reach out to various content creators. It is not required all the time to sign up for a platform to start working as a subtitle writer. It is possible to directly get in touch with content creators and discuss the services you can provide. Doing so can turn out to be quite effective if you want recurring work. To do so, search for all those YouTube channels that produce videos with subtitles or in languages other than English. Shoot an email to the channel owner regarding your services.

●       You can start captioning on Happy Scribe. It is a well-known agency that is primarily meant for beginner subtitlers. You can earn about $450 every month on average.

●       Keep checking People Per Hour. It is a platform where users can find recurring work or one-time projects as a caption or subtitle writer. It is possible to search for all those jobs that align with your skills and apply for the same. As you apply for any job, do not forget to include information regarding your turnaround time, rates, and experience.

●       AI Media provides subtitling services for Shopify, Mozilla, Amazon, and YouTube. You can check out the platform, and the jobs posted here are great for remote workers.

●       You will have to work on your listening skills and typing speed. You can also use a pedal to increase or decrease the speed of videos as you listen and create subtitles.

If you are willing to make some money by putting into use your typing and listening skills, closed captioning can be a superb way of doing it. 

Try to sharpen your skills as much as you can, and keep in mind the above-mentioned tips to get started without any issues.

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