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Do I need an e-commerce translation agency?

The internet can take us to almost every corner of the world. But what's the point of reaching so many people if they don't understand what you want to communicate?
Tatiana von Sperling
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The internet can take us to almost every corner of the world. But what's the point of reaching so many people if they don't understand what you want to communicate? Language cannot be a barrier between your business and its target audience. Therefore, translation becomes essential for you to take your products and services wherever you want.

Oh, but my website is in English. More than 1 million people around the world will understand it.

Speaking English doesn’t mean buying in English. We tend to feel more comfortable and connected when reading something in our language. According to the localization and translation biggest research body Common Sensory Advisory, 60% of internet users claim they never or rarely buy products from websites that are not in their language, and 87% of customers prefer to shop for products in their native language. So, when it comes to acquiring something online, reliability is the key.

And which languages should I choose?

Your company must analyze some pieces of information, such as which countries would be interested in your business, who accesses your website, how long potential customers spend on it, etc. Even after translation and localization, it is important to continue tracking this data to build your target audience profile, and get to know which countries bring visits, conversions, and interest to your page.An e-commerce translation agency will provide what it takes to reach different parts of the world in a very effective way since it will contact native translators who will bring a higher quality result and adapt your content to the target culture.

How will translation services leverage my eCommerce?

Source: "Customer service concerns" by MemsouceIt's crucial that your business conveys credibility so that potential customers can contact you and buy what you're offering. Acquiring something online depends on how safe you feel. Therefore, a bad translation can achieve the opposite of what you want, resulting in damage to the company's image and disastrous consequences.Furthermore, translating and localizing are not simple tasks. Having the support of an e-commerce translation agency like Bureau Works is essential to offer much more quality, optimize your content and adapt your language to different parts of the world. Unless you are a multilingual copywriter, leave the international outreach work to an agency, as it knows what it is doing and has the appropriate resources for that. In addition to the best strategies to promote your business, it has qualified translators and fair prices.Here is a list of reasons why you should hire an e-commerce translation agency:

  • Grow international sales.
  • Conquer new markets.
  • Require terms and conditions to align your expectations.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Increase traffic and conversions.
  • Build a stronger brand.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Count on a team of experienced translators specialized in your area.
  • Translate more content in less time, as the agency has a wide team of professionals.
  • Offer services that go beyond translation, as they localize all your content and adapt it to the target culture.
  • Test the quality of the agency's professionals before hiring it.
  • Sign a contract that sets out details about the tasks to be performed, deadlines for delivery, and so on.

As we can see, localization and translation must be priorities if you aim for success. Whenever you choose to do something in life, do your best.Count on an e-commerce translation agency and conquer the world.

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