BWX Improvements - August 2022

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Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
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BWX Video Preview tool

Video is a huge component in every business model, from marketing to training almost every business uses it. Now our translators can view the video content at the same time they translate the subtitles 😊.

Why this is helpful

It just seemed like a no-brainer to us. Subtitles without the context of the actual video on the screen can be a real success blocker because our talented linguists might have a more natural, native way of describing what they see in context with what the source language is trying to convey. Now with video preview linguists get a deeper context while translating video content.

Quality Check Overviews

You know that 'where to begin' feeling when you're getting your gears fired up to tackle that item in your Trello that you've been avoiding all week? I know it's not just me. Well, now you can see a snapshot of quality improvement data from one screen. Each work unit you've joined comes with a preview of actionable data.

Why this is helpful

Well for one you can stop staring blankly at the screen wondering where to start digging for a synopsis of where your project stands. That means no more clicking in and out of work units to get a quick idea of a project's progress.

Sort Projects by Due Date in the Vendor's Dashboard

Yeah, I know you think you're super organized and you got this, hey positive self-talk is half the battle but we figured we could at least streamline things for you just in case, by some unlikely circumstance, you drop the ball and miss a deadline. We've added a new column with project due date info. And not to toot our own horn but we designed it so you can even filter by due date.

Why this is helpful

This keeps important project management data top of mind without having to click on each of the projects to access this information. You're less likely to let anything slip through the cracks. Although it doesn't blink red and beep loudly if the deadline is like tomorrow but it should help.

Login page - Remaining attempts

We've all been here. Not enough coffee Monday morning and you can't remember your password on that loaner laptop and you get yourself locked out. But now you know when to stop trying and go get a coffee because we've added a "remaining attempts" feature. You're welcome.

Why this is helpful

In addition to improving one of the most important principles of UX which is user feedback, we avoid brute-force attacks, bringing more security to users.

Welcome and Reset Email Links are Valid Longer

And while we're at it, take your time making that coffee because now the Welcome and Reset emails have a slightly longer life cycle.

Why this is helpful

The platform now allows the use of these links for three weeks (previously it was 24h). This feature makes it easy for users who access the platform for the first time.

Take noteLocked segments still have to be unlocked before the user can edit it

Counter for listed items and filters

No more running your finger down the screen counting lines. We've done the heavy lifting here and just numbered all the items in a section. So when you want to know how many, you can easily see how many.

Why this is helpful

Keeps the user informed and oriented about the number of items in the session currently being listed.

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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