Run-time Dynamic Learning at your Fingertips

Time to meet our Generative Language Engine. Bureau Works has leveraged all of its Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing expertise to deliver an unparalleled dynamic learning experience for our users.

Explore our TMS

A great fit for everyone

Perfect for Translators, Translation Agencies, and Enterprise Localization Management - A TMS that brings together all the traditional parsing, segmentation, translation memory and terminology features and adds layers of cost and quality management in order to drive real automation into your organization.

It's a platform that adapts dynamically to you so you can focus where you excel at most

Our glossaries and translation memories allow you to determine exactly what the AI learns from

Provide your users with a ripping enhanced productivity environment

Everyone easily knows where everything is and what needs to get done

Think about translating so much faster and with so much more confidence. It’s unfathomable, really

Transform work into payables and receivables automatically. Say goodbye to manual quotes or POs

One tech to rule them all:

Our autopilot does the heavy lifting for you

We keep track of performance across languages, content types, translators and organizational units so that your project managers can configure job placement parameters such as minimum quality scores and profitability instead of having to place each and every job manually.

Know where everything is at every moment

Create and track custom workflows at the program or project level so that each and every asset goes through all necessary steps and approvals in order to meet your publishing requirements.

Full visibility over your translation quality and your localization efficiency

Configure your translation process so that different issues are flagged during the translation process or post-facto in order to ensure the integrity of your deliverables. Implement a review process that keeps track of each and every change at every workflow.

BWX is an API-first platform

Don't worry about using our UI if you are a developer and would rather leverage our API and CLI to get things done programatically. Unlock maximum efficiency through our API calls and turn Bureau Works into a true localization beast.

What makes Bureau Works special?

Our technology solves the problem of managing translations as a whole. From knowledge management to performance management and payment, Bureau Works allows you to focus on getting things done rather than on the pain of managing translations with multiple systems, spreadsheets, and exceptions.


Since our earliest stages, we have been relentlessly focused on solving one problem: how do we easily and reliably deliver high-quality translations at scale? This question permeates the entirety of our story and is the fuel behind all of our technological innovation and the breadth of our solutions. We were never satisfied solving one or another component of localization management. We believe there is always a simpler, better way to manage translations effectively and we just have to find it. Again and again.