BWX Improvements - September 2022

Where did September go? I know you’ve been skimming your inbox daily for this riveting update on BWX features and improvements but better late than never, you know? Check out what we’ve been up to.
Rodrigo Demetrio
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Where did September go? I know you’ve been skimming your inbox daily for this riveting update on BWX features and improvements but better late than never, you know? Check out what we’ve been up to.

Project Quote Automation

If you’re anything like me, and for your sake I hope you’re not; you might wait until the last minute to tackle that invoicing thing they threw at you in the kick-off meeting. Well at least now the quoting portion of that task is just a few clicks away as opposed to the traditional endless emails back and forth. Once you upload all the documentation (this update supports more than 20 file types) - boom you got a quote. The project automatically rolls into “pending” and you can literally say to your boss “Oh yeah it's been waiting for your sign off.” .

Why this is helpful

Well, management won't let me list “procrastination” as a reason here so the real meat and potatoes of it all is that this update saves a lot of time, especially for projects that have multiple touchpoints in leadership.

Take noteThis feature is currently only available for Bureau Works Translation Agency.

Full Quality report with all Workflow steps

Now let's give a shout out to all those highly valued and deeply loved quality assurance teams. They will love this update. We made it so that all the data in each workflow can (if you must - and we know you must) be methodically reviewed in detail. The comments, and any changes made in sequence can be reviewed.

Why this is helpful

Well, really the centralization of this information allows for better quality management and control, especially in major work groups and enterprise level projects.

Additional QA Checks for CSV files

Spreadsheets. They’re unavoidable in any industry but boy, do we see a lot of them here at Bureau works. And no two developers are the same. So if you’re uploading a Google sheet, Excel sheet, Smartsheet, Zoho sheet or Quip Sheet (Ya I had to Google the last 3 too) our software will scan for CSV inconsistencies like double quotes, extra semicolons, and line breaks that don't match.

Why this is helpful

Well, maybe it's not life changing, but definitely this is something that we knew needed to happen to increase the workflow for the various platforms that users deploy in their day to day.

Select and Unselect All option

I won’t lie, we’re a little embarrassed we didn't think of this sooner but hey like I said earlier - better late than never. No more monotonous clickity, click, click down the column of checkboxes while questioning your life choices. Yup, you can just “Select all” for each group in the Editor.

Why this is helpful

I think you know why.

New filters and Quality score in List Users

Imagine if you could select your Uber driver based on language spoken and highest rated quality score? Well, that's kinda what we did here but with translators. (I'm sure Uber will be calling us soon for advice.) While all of our translators are vetted and screened; this gives you the opportunity to at least select a higher rated translator when you really need one. Actually that reminds me of our CEO's explanation about translation quality, if you haven’t already - check that out!

Why this is helpful

Quality matters, we all know that. Sometimes we feel better hiring someone who is well rated by others. Having said that, our platform is full of diamonds, so we know you will connect with the right translator for your project.

Project Manager Dashboard improvements – Totals by status

We, at Bureau Works, are obsessed with streamlining every aspect of your translation journey. And every feature update this month reflects that. How can we save you some clicks? We added more tools into our Project Managers arsenal such as totals by status - just a small roll in the decision making process but now right at your fingertips at a glance. If you haven’t figured it out by now, here at Bureau Works, we’re obsessed with streamlining every aspect of your translation journey. (Is it healthy? Who knows, but it's productive!) These September features really reflect that. We’re always thinking about how we can save you some clicks.

Why this is helpful

More info at a glance: It's like the bridge of a ship, and now you have all the info you need to navigate at ease. Organise and filter projects according to the Project Manager’s needs.

New shortcut for non-breaking space

Ok, this one is a bit dry, but it's still worth mentioning. I had to go to the back office a bunch of times (They are so annoyed with me) to understand the technical terms of this update - cause I’m the copy writer here and this is some real tech stuff. But let me give it a shot.Computer assisted translation tools can on occasion confuse the space and line break commands. And I'm sure you’ve seen it in some copy and paste example of &nbsp showing up. That sometimes happens to our clients, so we fixed it.

Why this is helpful

It doesn’t happen anymore, does that count? Ok, but more specifically this is a relevant update for files that commonly have NBSP, such as Vendors.

Take noteA visual indication for NBSP UI visualisation is currently being developed, as an improvement.

PM's Take it button in Overview tab

It may sound repetitive that our new features are focusing on enhancing your productivity, so why stop there? With one click you or your project manager can take a project. If I am not wrong, we saved 6 clicks in this release. Maybe we should add a click save counter?

Why this is helpful

Grab the jobs you want right in front of your eyes. This feature helps a Project Manager to quickly assign himself to a project, without the need to search in the PM list.

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