BWX Improvements - July 2022

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Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
Table of Contents

Project Savings Added To The Costs Menu

Makes it easier for the user to see the savings for each project and how the savings progressively increase when localizing similar content.Why this is helpfulDisplays to the users (except Vendor users) the Project Savings, based on the Translation Memory leveraging, non-translatable content and repetitions in the file(s) uploaded to BWX.

Allow Confirmed Segments To Be Edited by Typing In It

Allows the user to edit a previously confirmed segment without the need of unconfirm that segment first.Why this is helpfulImproves the user experience, making the translation/review process faster and more productive.

Take noteLocked segments still have to be unlocked before the user can edit it

Add user names and email in Status Changes (Key Dates tab)

Adds the email and username information to Status Change in Key Dates Tab.

Why this is helpfulIt helps the user to identify when the status has changed for a given project and who made that change.

Update time in bulk for Tasks

Allows bulk time editing of tasks.Why this is helpfulMakes it possible to change the time of multiple tasks simultaneously.

List filters - Contact Person in Project Lists

New filter in project listing by contact person.

Why this is helpfulAllows the user to narrow down, even more, the filtered list.

Permissions List upgrade - "Open Editor" Permission

Adds a specific permission to the list of permissions in the user profile, which defines whether a given user can or cannot open the BWX editor.Why this is helpfulBetter control of user access. Now users that have a limited role, which does not require them to access the editor, can have this permission removed from their profiles.

Support to .tsv and .vtt files

Turns BWX now compatible to .vtt (subtitle and caption) and .tsv (tab-separated values, text) file formats.Why this is helpfulMakes the platform even more flexible in terms of file extension support.

Vendor's dashboard - Sort tasks by due date or total number of tasks

Allows the vendor to organize the tasks in progress from their dashboard.Why this is helpfulThis upgrade allows more flexibility and control for vendors to organize their tasks according to their preference[/fusion_text]

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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