BWX Improvements - January 2023

We’re very excited to kick off the new year as a key part of what will be your success in the coming months. Let’s begin with some of our latest improvements that will help you succeed easier in 2023.
Rodrigo Demetrio
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As a new year dawns, let's not lose sight of everything we accomplished in 2022. For all of us, in our own unique way, we have developed and we have grown. Like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon, 2023 will surely be a year of new challenges and of course more success.

We’re very excited to kick off the new year as a key part of what will be your success in the coming months. Let’s begin with some of our latest improvements that will help you succeed easier in 2023. 

Persona Specific Platform sign up

We have two different models of functionality here at BWX. We can translate for you or you can manage a project on your own. Now in the signup process we take the initiative to sort this out so that your translation environment matches your goals. 

What it does

Our platform is now open to everyone. Anyone looking to streamline their translation projects can use our advanced translation environment to get their projects done. 

Why this is helpful

See for yourself, join us at and start using this advanced, intuitive virtual translation environment for your next translation project. 

New Editor’s suggestion panel

Communication is of course at the core of everything we represent. Being able to communicate effectively within the project is also essential to clear and concise workflows. The entire panel for suggestions got a bit of a makeover this month. We have Improved the way translators can see suggestions so that workflows are more natural. 

What it does

Improving how communication in the document is organized improves the cohesiveness and overall delivery of the project. This is an evolution derived from the observation that teams need clearer, well defined channels for communicating within the project or document.

Why this is helpful

Organization is our fundamental focus here. Being able to quickly access relevant feedback or communication relevant to your phase of work will save a lot of time and make it easier to pick up where you left off.

Glossary Improvements - Filter optimization

It’s come to our attention that the Glossary page is being used much more frequently that we expected. Not just as a standalone page to stay organized with your project glossary but also as an evolving part of ongoing client relationships between translators, localization managers, and translation buyers.

That’s why it’s important to have the ability to inspect the glossary and any changes to it with dynamic filter options.

What it does

When you start creating new terms in your glossary you can filter those terms based on different criteria. We have added glossary filtering options by language, created by author, modified by author, creation date, last modified, and status. 

Why this is helpful

As your glossary develops over the course of your project or contract you will have the ability to inspect, adjust, remove, add to, and scrutinize different components of your glossary. It facilitates the search in new ways and consequently optimizes the results more directly.

Filter for repeated segments

This is a feature I wish every word processor had. A way to see if things are being repeated in my copy. Sometimes repetition is good, other times it can make us sound limited in our written acumen.

Regardless of when it's appropriate or not you now have the power to quickly see when you are doing it. But that's not the only reason this new feature is important.

This allows you to apply translations to your document from your translation memory and in case it's not in your translation memory - you can make sure that it is.

What it does

With Just a couple of clicks you are able to identify these repeated phrases. When highlighted you can take action how you see fit.

Why this is helpful

A few things make this feature helpful. Sometimes we want to avoid repetition in one document but other times we want to make sure that we are being consistent in certain cases where repetition is relevant. In either case, we can quickly identify where repetition is occurring.

Custom Attributes for Glossaries

Again, we can’t stress enough how powerful the Glossary of Terms is becoming, and with that demand we see opportunities to further refine our access and organization for greater operational impact.

Diving deeper into the needs of our users we have developed a way to organize your terms with greater accuracy in the glossary. In cases where one might have multiple departments within a workgroup or project, you can now organize the key terms in more detail.

It’s like associating more information to a term so that there is more clarity about when and how to use certain terms. 

What it does

More specifically this new feature lets you set values ​​for custom attributes defined for a Glossary. Like meta data for your terms this information can be extremely powerful as your projects diversify. 

Why this is helpful

The bottom line here is clarity. This feature assists users in customizing a term in a glossary, thus allowing better use of the term throughout the project.

Communications Tab - Add Contact Person and Project Manager

This small update is something you might not notice in your day to day projects but now when you add a project manager to the project - that person is also added automatically to the ‘all communications’ tab.

Previously this had to be done manually within the setup procedures but we saw fit to make this an automatic process as our observations indicate that more often then not when users were adding project managers, they were also adding those same managers or contact persons to the communications tab.

What it does

It automatically adds the Project Manager and the Contact Person of the project to the Communications > Active Here tab.

Why this is helpful

Saves users time by automatically adding the Project Manager or Contact Person to the Communications Tab where before this was an extra step that would need to be executed manually. 

Users - Allow A-A users to activate and deactivate users

In the early days of BWX it was necessary to create a support ticket for the purpose of adding and removing users to your platform environment. With our rapid growth it only makes sense that Admins take on this responsibility so that they can manage their own translation teams in real time without unnecessary steps. So with this update, that authority has been migrated to the account admins.

What it does

You no longer have to ask support teams to add or remove users in your own platform. As Account Admins you now have the ability to make these changes yourself, in real time.

Why this is helpful

Improves the user management experience by giving authority to manage teams how Account Admins see fit. Just another way we see an opportunity to save time for our busy account managers. 

User feedback when the token expirest

I’m guilty of this all the time. I’m sure it's happened to you. It’s like banking, you log in and you get doing some stuff but then have to step away. You come back to a notification that you’re about to be logged out because you have been inactive for so long.

Well have you ever been working within an application that didn't give you this notification, and you just get logged out without any warning. Ya that sucks. BWX used to be like that. You’d get logged out but there was no warning. Now you will get a warning on screen that you have been inactive and you will be logged out.

What it does

Basically you get that little pop up telling you that you’ve been idle for too long and you’re about to be logged out. Nothing better than a little budget to wake up and get back to work.

Why this is helpful

You won’t be faced with a situation where you were secretly logged out and continue making edits that you won’t be able to save because the token is expired. You will know right away when you open the tab that you will need to log back in.

New language pair CH-FR (Swiss-French)

The Swiss have always done things their own way. We all admire them for that. Language is certainly no different. With a country that speaks so many different languages we see a microcosm of unique language expression.

The subtle difference between France, Canadian and Swiss French hold their own beautiful uniqueness. We just thought it was well overdue to fold the Swiss variations into the mix.  Welcome aboard Swiss French!

What it does

We’ve added Swiss French to the many other languages we support in our translation roster. As we grow into new territories across the globe the demand for this unique dialect of french is becoming more and more popular. 

Why this is helpful

Well especially if you or you’re audience is native French Speaking Swiss, you don’t have to find the kind of French that gets close enough to your dialect anymore. You can select your dialect because it matters. 

A complete overhaul of our Bureau Works Website

Last but not least we have to take a moment to brag about our new website. We wanted to kick off the new year with a new and improved front end.

This upgrade is the beginning of bigger things to come, as we embark on a journey to bring BWX to the world of translators, localization experts, agencies, and even the occasional user.

Developed with the end user in mind. Ease-of-access navigation and organization is at the core of all we offer. And in line with the needs of users all over the globe, BWX boasts a fully integrated mobile experience as we all work on the go. 

What it does

Now anyone can use the BWX translation environment. It has opened the doors of success to big firms and sole proprietor translators alike, connecting everyone with the right tools, the right people, and the best access to success the language translation vertical has to offer.

You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge to navigate our software. Also, all professionals in the translation space are welcome, from buyers and developers to translators and localization managers alike.

🔔 Coming Soon: ChatGPT integration

Everybody is talking about ChatGPT. If you’ve tested ChatGPT you might be exactly like us, impressed by the potential outlook to implement AI in our translation processes.

We’ve put our engineers' minds to work as they come together to find a way to leverage this AI novelty within our translation platform. Our first ChatGPT integration (first of many, I might add) is dedicated to automating the quality assurance protocols directly within the translation editor.

Rodrigo Demetrio
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