BWX Improvements - December 2022

Oh December, the one month we all seem to need 62 days but we’re only granted 31. So knowing how busy we all are this month, let's cut to the chase!
Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
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New Home Dashboard for Translation Buyers (Client role)

On the client side of our platform, you’ve likely noticed that we gave things a bit of a facelift. Naturally it was entirely for the purpose of efficiency. But let's admit it - It’s pretty too. More information on the dashboard that’s relevant to your decision making and organization needs.

Why this is helpful

When we create a more intuitive space for you to work in, you become more autonomous and focused on what matters. We’re confident this new design will streamline your work with us.

Account Chart [A&D | Parent Task]

The more visual you are, the more you will appreciate this unique upgrade to the platform. Now you can view an automatically generated Tree Chard of the organizational hierarchy for a better and more clear understanding of the associations in your account.

Why this is helpful

Now you’re going to be able to make a distinct visual connection quickly and effortlessly so you can manage your projects more intuitively.

Reset Button - Reset the Languages of a Given File

Sometimes you just need to hit the reset. And it’s abundantly clear that so far resetting the languages at the Project Creation step has been a bit of a mucky process. Wouldn't it be nice if more things in life had reset buttons?

Why this is helpful

Less clicks is always better. Delete all the target languages when you’re creating a project in one foul swoop.

User Tab - Add Info and Sorting Options in Submenu

It's hard to find ‘the one’ and as project managers in the translation sector, we know that ‘the one’ changes based on a bunch of different criteria. So taking that into account; we’ve made it possible for you to see important metrics like Total Tasks, Quality Index, and Punctuality Index. Taking it one step forward, you can now sort by Word Rate and Hourly Rate.

Why this is helpful

Spend less time looking for that one translator that has the skills and experience you’re looking for. Now you have the capacity to take more control over quality and budget by sorting your options quickly.

Shortcut Update for Non-Breaking Space

Honestly this is another one of those techy updates that is important for sure but heck if I understand it. The developers tell me it changes the NBSP (isn’t that like some HTML code for [SPACE]?) shortcut command to [shift + Spacebar] for windows and PC users. If you use these shortcuts, you’re a superstar.

Why this is helpful

Well the way I understand it, and bear with me here - I’m a bit simple,we don’t have to use [ALT + Numbers] to create the space. Which is handy cause some people don’t have number pads on their keyboard. I just looked. I do. But some people don’t. :-)

Global Search - Add Status Next to Project Name

So you know when you have to do a global search? Well as easy as that is already we decided the status of a project beside the project listing. As I said earlier in this email, we know how busy you are, especially this month - so perhaps you can sense the theme of our focus. Efficiency.

Why this is helpful

Less clicking again, saving you more time to make bigger decisions with less effort. We’re all about streamlining your management focus.

Full Quality Report View - Filename Length Improvement

When you’re running a full quality report it occurred to us that often it’s important to see longer file names to get the right info of the reporting segment you’re viewing. So in this feature update we stretched out the field that contains the file name info and now you can see more relevant file name data for those more complicated file names with identifying data.

Why this is helpful

Sometimes we tend to have similar file names with identifying data near the end. I’ve done it many times. If I can’t see the date identifier or client identifier in the file name of some template I used - well no amount of reporting is serving me justice.

WP Queue

In situations where Agencies and web teams need to work together, we know Project Managers have a lot on their plate. So now the PM can access specific information relating to Posts such as target languages and ID’s. This also makes for better management in scenarios where there is overlap.

Why this is helpful

Connecting to Wordpress as part of a larger project is now better. By providing PMs with access to more information at a glance we have created an environment that fosters better management and organization.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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