BWX Improvements - April 2023

As the world continues to change ever so rapidly, we've been focusing on how to find meaning in these times of risk and opportunity through productivity and getting things done with passion and zest!
Rodrigo Demetrio
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Hi there!

As the world continues to change ever so rapidly, we've been focusing on how to find meaning in these times of risk and opportunity through productivity and getting things done with passion and zest!

We got warmed up by fully integrating our translation editor with GPT-3.5 and 4 and creating our own context-aware translation model that can adaptively inject terminology as well as suggest thoughtful alternatives to translators and reviewers. Read more here:

We hit the ground running by launching the Merging Minds Webinar Series. This year-long series delves into what happens when humans and machines come together to collaborate in creative ways. Dive into the exciting possibilities here.

Our roll continued with our CEO launching a Blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of language, meaning and technology. Deep analysis and thought provoking articles. Don't miss out - subscribe here and become a part of the conversation.

Additionally, we have taken a deep research dive into ChatGPT's translation and evaluation abilities, compared to other established machine translation giants in the industry. Download our 55-page study here if you're curious.

On the platform side, our engineers are focused on delivering features that make a difference, from simple tweaks to full-blown game-changers. Keep reading to stay on top of the updates with our software team.

ChatGPT AI suggestions

What it does

I know what you’re thinking. “The robots are taking over!!” Well that might be true but for now they are just making life a little easier. Our state of the art ChatGPT API connection lets you put your feet up and receive valuable insights including colloquial idioms in any given segment at the click of a button. Your brain has enough stress in this industry, accept the helping hand!

Why this is helpful

Look, the truth is we, as translators, only have one mind. And as magnificent as it is, it has limits that subject us to success barriers we often overlook. So all we’re saying is, “hey why not reach into the magic hat that is AI and pull out a handful of diverse, well-balanced concepts or expressions that help provide the truest, most meaningful message from one language to the next?” Just let yourself use the ever expanding tools emerging in this age to harness the deeper regional contexts, grammar and cultural phrases of your audience's first language.

BWX Context-aware Translate

What it does

One pain point we hear about all too often in our industry is the monotony of translating repetitive segments of text. Many industries need to repeat certain content for legal reasons or branding purporses and we know that copy and pasting this content can make you roll your eyes. So let the machine do it! Pre-translate documents using our engine powered by Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and our proprietary tech to infuse your translations with your Glossaries, Translation Memory and Machine Translation (if available) allowing the AI to make the better choice within the context available.

Why this is helpful

Basically we know you have better things to do. So why not process less relevant content through an option that is significantly better than traditional Machine Translation and save some time (and cash).

Custom MT - Default MT by language pair in Account

What it does

Sometimes we already have certain tools we like to use, and we have invested time and money to master. Trust me when I say, we totally get it! So this feature update lets you couple the power of your tools with the power of ours! So long as you’re an Account Admin you can connect your own Machine Translation Engine subscription through our API portal and use it seamlessly in your daily workflow within the BWX environment.

Why this is helpful

Well we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We know all too well there are great tools that great translators are already using. So let's bring them onboard. Our only goal is to make the life of translation more vibrant, inclusive and seamless. 

Currently supported engines: Deepl, Google, Microsoft and AWS.

Confirm/Unconfirm in bulk feature in the Editor

What it does

Yeah maybe this update won’t make you jump out of your fancy leather executive office chair, BUT; I have a table-layout to fill int his email marketing template, so just play along. Basically you can click multiple segments and then confirm or unconfirm them in bulk.

Why this is helpful

In this case it's obvious that the answer is to save time. So rather than “click-click-save, wait, click-click-save, wait.” you can really go ham and just “click-click-click-click-click-click (etc.) save.” and Bob’s your uncle. That reminds me, “Bob’s your uncle is one of those tricky things to translate.

UI Improvement - Glossary Custom Attributes

What it does

Glossaries are great to have, but we realize its not just enough to have a two column system where you can translate “This-to-that” and be done with it. Like anything we use repetitively in language we should be able to give a little back story, explanation or subjective guidance for future reference. And so we added a way to give your translations a little metadata.

Why this is helpful

Well who knows, maybe someday Hell will freeze over and you might actually get a vacation. Unlikely I know but, hey, it's better to be prepared! This way whoever is filling your very big shoes can look at the meta data for more context and best-use case scenarios.

Autopilot - Select All instructions

What it does

Ugh, here we go again. The tech guys are killing me over here. Basically it’s another one of those “click, click, save, wait” scenarios. I shouldn’t be to hard on them I guess. Their brilliance is above me but basically they just want to make life easier for us. Ultimately this update allows the user to "Select All" boxes in the instructions window with one click.

Why this is helpful

I can’t leave this section blank or my boss (Who likely isn’t reading all this anyways) would notice. But I know you’re smart and I don’t have to explain how this is helpful ;-)

No matter how challenging times are, mistakes and adventures can lead to the greatest discoveries. Follow your heart and make the most of it!

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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