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Video translation services.

The Importance of Video Translation

Video has become an essential tool for many companies to expand product reach and brand messaging. But language barriers get in the way. Only 20% of the world’s population speaks English. That leaves a minimal target audience accurately able to understand your messaging. Video translation services offer a valuable solution to expand potential reach by making video; a prime resource in today’s digital world, accessible in multiple languages.

Video translation is essential for businesses that want to grow globally and enjoy higher international engagement rates. 96% of consumers will increase their online video consumption in 2020. That percentage grows as the average consumer spends 100 minutes a day viewing video content. With high expectations, video translation services must be 100% accurate to resonate with the target audience. It takes a video with only 99% accuracy to result in loss of engagement if that 1% missing addresses the core values of the message.


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Professional Video Translation Services

A poorly translated video can result in viewers simply clicking away from the video content, portraying the wrong message, and risking a brand’s reputation. When researching video translation services, YouTube’s free services may seem appealing. With billions of users each month, YouTube seems like an optimal choice. However, YouTube lacks 100% accuracy. The translation process is completed entirely by a machine. With proper review, accuracy can be met; without it, the potential for inaccuracy is high.

Emotion, creativity, and subjectivity remain fundamental language and human experience components. To ensure that you are driving maximal results, you need to rely on a partner like Bureau Works that knows how to leverage tech right up to its breaking point and introduce humans in exactly the right step.

Bureau Works:

  • Ensures all localization elements resonate with the target market to reduce language inaccuracies.

  • Works with translators who understand your brand, product, and nuances around the context.

  • Leverages our technology to maximize auto-QA tools and possibilities to guarantee quality translations.

  • Reviews auto-generated SRT files to ensure content is mapped out correctly to align with key brand terminology and ensure time-coding produces an optimal UX.

  • Guides clients to decide between subtitles or voiceovers; both require transcript translation. Bureau Works ensures that actionable language is used to guide transcript plans.

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Our localization management platform supports 134 languages with translation memories, glossaries, and total content ecosystem management to ensure your video translation is completed to the highest quality.

Bureau Works offers quality video translation services to ensure accuracy, tone, and brand integrity. Contact our team to discuss your next video project.

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