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If you are searching for translation services for your global aspirations, you need an expert partner that seamlessly manages your content. There are as many as 7,139 languages spoken each day, with English as the most spoken language in the world. This number is constantly fluctuating as languages continue to grow and develop in communities, while some are risking extinction. As many as 65% of non-native English speakers prefer content in their native language and are more likely to convert if a platform offers content in their mother tongue. As companies experience the demand to grow internationally, localizing content is critical in expanding global outreach. The translation process begins with a reliable platform to successfully deliver translation quality your way. At Bureau Works, we bring together the best linguists in the industry with our homegrown tech to provide comprehensive translation services to our clients.

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Which Translation Service Describes Your Needs?

At BureauWorks, we offer various translation services to suit your needs. We provide quality service for numerous use cases from document translation to eLearning.

 +  Website Translation

We offer complete website translation services with continuous localization no matter what languages you add.

Our website translation services include:

  • SEO optimization

  • Quality Assurance (QA) checks

  • Automation

  • CMS integration

  • Code reviews

  • Formatting

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 +  Software Translation

Software translation begins with a strict, err-free process to ensure company brand standards.

Our process entails:

  • Internationalization

  • Centralization

  • Testing

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 +  App Translation

Our end-to-end app translation services guarantee a measured and strategic approach to app localization.

  • iOS & Android localization

  • Continuous localization

  • Measure app localization ROI

  • Top language translation for better reach

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 +  Marketing Translation

Engage with a new audience by engaging consumers with a message that truly resonates. Our process includes:

  • Brand enthusiasts

  • In-country collaboration

  • Translation memory integration

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 +  eLearning Translation

Our quality eLearning localization services enhance the learner experience.

  • Strategic localization strategy

  • Expert eLearning translators

  • Multimedia translation

  • Continuous translation

  • Quality assurance (QA) checks

  • Granular reporting

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 +  Product Translation

Quality product localization begins with context and key sensitivity. We focus on more than just translation.

  • Metatag context

  • Translator product knowledge

  • Design considerations

  • Scalable services

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 +  Certified Document Translation

From birth certificates to travel documents, Bureau Works is fit to customize offerings to suit your needs.

  • Rush pricing available

  • Certification letters provided

  • Fast-turnaround

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 +  Business Materials Translation

We ensure your brand’s integrity is preserved in all markets, follow compliance regulations in all localization efforts, and guarantee your localization goals exceed expectations.

  • Top-notch security measures

  • Technological advances

  • Expert translators with AI integration

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 +  Legal Translation

Legal translation services require precision with special attention to accuracy. We provide rapid and accurate project completion in a highly secure environment.

  • Translation memory

  • Machine translation

  • Transparent workflow

  • Confidentiality

  • Detailed reporting

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 +  Medical Translation

We understand the complexity of medical translations. They require knowledge and precise attention to detail.

  • Client-specific translation memories

  • Expert linguists

  • Evolving technology

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 +  Finance Translation

Our expert combination of talented linguists and advanced technology bring together quality finance translation services.

We serve:

  • Banks

  • Credit unions

  • Insurance companies

  • Investment companies

  • Brokerage firms

  • Loan companies

  • Mortgage firms

  • Individuals

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 +  Education Translation

We support a wide range of languages and offer translation services for schools from primary to post-secondary education

  • Translation memory

  • Machine translation

  • Transparent workflow

  • Confidentiality

  • Detailed reporting

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Where Creative Partnership and Technology Meet

Combining dedicated linguists with an innovative localization management platform improves the quality and accuracy of translated content. At Bureau Works, we provide human intelligence paired with the speed of machines during the translation process to reduce the human legwork required and streamline the translation process. The AI translation gives the linguist a rough draft to work with, giving our human linguists more time to focus on accuracy and relativity. This method increases the quality of the translation project while also significantly reducing turnaround time to produce the ultimate localization engine.

Translation services and platform technology combined.

At Bureau Works, our linguists and our technology work together to provide the best possible end-to-end translation experience.

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Multilingual Translation from Our Expert Translators

Bureau Works has 15+ years of experience producing on-brand translations in multiple domains leading to best practices for all translation use-cases. Once you get started with Bureau Works, here’s what’s happening behind the scenes.

  • Building and management of brand-specific terminology through client-specific glossaries

  • Linguists and project managers are matched carefully to the projects they are best suited for

  • We use custom-built tech to power a best-in-class match-making algorithm between documents and translators

  • Our skilled multimedia engineering team covers video-editing, and layout in all major software suites

  • Ensure quality governance to track and assess any changes made to our deliverables

Multilingual translation is complicated and requires expert knowledge of the subject matter. Our process ensures you receive the best possible linguists for the job, so your content is true to the language, your brand, and culture.

More Than 36,000 Translators

We employ a range of linguists with specific language capabilities and subject matter expertise in many areas and industries. Less than 4% of translators pass our rigorous selection process, and those who do are constantly evaluated. Our process ensures our linguists have the unique ability to truly understand the content and help it seamlessly transition to a new language. In our ability to match the perfect linguist to each project, our linguists’ assignments are made using artificial intelligence (AI), success metrics, and empirical evidence of competency in given languages, subject matter, and brand understanding. Upon completion, each piece of translated material is graded for accuracy to ensure high standards and consistent quality. This process produces correct translations, but it will also ensure your translated material resonates with the reader to capture the core values of your message.

Why Bureau Works?

Our combination of technology and human linguists produces unrivaled results in the field, making it easy and hassle-free to scale and manage. Our process ensures translation services meet your definition of quality. Defining your quality standards can get your content to the right point in achieving your translation goals.

At Bureau Works, we understand that quality is not simply defined by a correct translation but by capturing the intended tone and message. More importantly, the cultural factors are taken into account to resonate with the audience.

Our translation management system offers a wide range of collaborative and automated features to ensure we are capturing the essence of quality for your brand. Our commitment to transparency ensures you are a part of your translation project.

Owning your translation process can bring many benefits to your organization.

  • You are a part of the translation process every step of the way
  • You provide input and feedback where necessary
  • You are a part of the editing process to ensure content is translated to your standards

With our transparent platform, our partners are in control of their translation project to ensure quality services with positive end-to-end results for every project you complete.

At Bureau Works we deliver comprehensive translation services on our localization platform that provides our clients with quality resources necessary for success. Contact our team to learn more.

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