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Trends in Machine Translation for 2022 and beyond

By 2021, the translation industry was valued at over 56 billion dollars, according to Statista, and the projections show it will keep growing. Here are the trends in Machine Translation to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

3 Biggest regrets using Google Translate

GoogleTranslate has my awe and admiration. But if you don’t have the right framework from the very beginning, even when you don’t think you need one, or especially when you think you don’t need one, that’s exactly when you can’t go without one.

The Translation Buyer’s Dilemma

You are a translation buyer with a task: pick out the best vendor for your company. Sounds simple. Compare costs, turnaround times, and quality, and you will clearly understand who will work best for your organization’s needs. Not so fast…

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