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Managing translation quality should be a science but for most, it remains a mystery. We can’t agree on how we define quality, how we measure quality, and on how to improve quality. The result is an over-reliance on a few key trusted individuals rather than a robust framework that ensures continuous, scalable, and sustainable quality.

That’s where Bureau Works comes in. We either architect from the ground up, or reverse engineer current processes in order to introduce a quality framework that enterprises of all sizes can rely on.


Quality cannot be defined by a single individual. Quality should be a group of people that collectively represent the target audience for each particular content type.

LQAs, granular error categorization, can reveal technical flaws but not necessarily produce engaging content that attains the desired end results. A small grammar error can be more easily forgiven than cultural insensitivity, loss of brand voice or other more intangible linguistic assets.

Our tendency to polarize is not helpful when it comes to translation quality. Things are not either good or bad, at least not in their entirety. Language is full of elements, choices and requires mechanisms that allow us to discuss constructively what is happening vs. what needs to happen.

Without answering these questions first at an executive level, it doesn’t make much sense to bring in a Localization specialist that will typically operate at a tactical level.

Tactical specialists may decide to solve issues by throwing people at the problem or by outsourcing key strategic processes to vendors. While these are all valid approaches, they may hide bigger and deeper issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

How do we see it at Bureau Works

#1 Quality is about data

It’s tough to make informed decisions based on small samples, or disproportionate reactions to a sentence here or there. Data on the other hand shows trends, the deeper correlations between behaviors and expected outcomes as well as an unbiased snapshot of what is happening at a program level, content level, user level, translator level, and so on.

#2 Quality is about governance

Now that you have the data, you can focus on making smart, informed decisions. You can focus on developing benchmarks, processes, and systems that ensure you are driving your collaborators to peak performance.

#3 Quality is about people

And finally, the data empowers you to bring the right people into the mix, not based on theoretical knowledge or experience but based on on-the-job performance and deliverables. This continuous feedback loop drives excellence in every program we have advised or helped manage.

We use a mixture of best practices with BWX’s state of the art technology to introduce cutting-edge quality management.

We use a mixture of best practices:

  • No more trackers
  • No more quality reports sent up and down via email
  • Integration via Tableau for a deeper read on analytics
  • Automated version tracking and change mapping
  • Automated reporting
  • Performance transparency for all parties involved
  • Integrated arbitration workflows to resolve disputes between parties

We first introduced this quality framework at Bureau Works in 2016. Even in its first iteration, it was remarkable. Within 6 months user reviewers went from changing on average 30% of translated content to less than 15%. This meant a 50% reduction in changes needed at the review level. Great but what does this mean for you?

  • Reduced time to market

  • More reliable translations (less chance of errors introduced at review stage)

  • Reduced costs

  • More predictable quality


At the time, we did not do anything other than make the changes made immediately available to the translator as well as allowing them to see their cumulative scores as well as how they did on specific jobs. One of the hardest things for a translator is that typically no news is outstanding news and the only news they receive is the occasional “We did not like this.” It’s almost impossible to improve this way. Instant, clear, and concrete feedback changed user behavior quickly and effectively.

Since then we have applied this framework at global enterprises in over 50 countries working with in-country reviewers, subject matter experts, and focus groups to drive the best possible combination between talent and expected results. We have allowed organizations to rely on a sustainable framework that ensures the right agents are involved at the right level so that the focus in on consistent improvement rather than fire-fighting.

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