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With the rise in issues in corporate restructuring, contract breaches, cybersecurity, etc., triggered by the pandemic, law firms, and legal departments are hiring more contract attorneys to address them. While translating these increasing contracts to match the language of negotiation is considered good business practice for these attorneys, it’s also becoming a growing legal requirement. Using professional contract translation services is especially crucial to avoid risking the integrity of your contract. Inaccurate translations before signing can easily question the validity of each parties’ mutual understanding and consent. Don’t let sub-par translation jeopardize the legality of your contract.

Experience the Bureau Works Advantage
The following are only a few of the advantages you can experience when choosing Bureau Works as your contract translation service.

            • Comprehensive start-to-finish translation for every project
            • Expert linguists with high-level knowledge of legal jargon and context
            • Top translation tools for easier, more consistent translations
            • AI translation and workflow assignment to aid translation speed and provide linguists with client-specific information
            • Transparent workflows and pricing
            • Simplistic design for easy-to-use interface and more efficient project management
            • Increased accessibility with open communication between clients and linguists
            • Expansive industry knowledge base with 134 languages supported
Three Types of Bureau Works Contract Translation Services
At Bureau Works, we pride ourselves on using our platform to provide contract translation services that fit the needs of various clients. We’ve excelled at this by creating three main tiers for contract translation.
Bureau Works Single Document Translation We provide expert translation and quality assurance editing and review processes prior to returning the single contract to you. This is a cost-effective, fast, and reliable option for a one-time translation service.
Bureau Works Recurring Translation The Bureau Works platform includes tools like translation memories, terminology bases, expansive legal knowledge base, customizable contract templates, etc. along with our expert linguists and quality assurance review processes for all recurring contract translation jobs. This dramatically increases future translation speeds while reducing future expenses for consistent, quality translations for firms.
Client-based Translation using BWX Platform Law firms and legal departments can have their own internal translators work on the BWX platform to access all the tools for recurring translation projects. This provides a much more productive workspace while allowing companies to track workflows and productivity.
Understanding the Bureau Works Contract Translation Process

Bureau Works has spent decades becoming an industry leader and expert in legal contract translation services and creating a fast workflow without compromising quality.

              • Step 1: Upload your contract
              • Step 2: Transparent pricing quote created by Bureau Works team
              • Step 3: Quote approved by client
              • Step 4: Initial AI translation and linguist assignment
              • Step 5: Linguist edits and reviews document
              • Step 6: Peer Review (if requested)
              • Step 7: Translated contract sent to client
Bureau Works Timeline to Have Your Professional Contract Translation in Hand
The following timelines are based on the top 20 languages spoken. Return times may vary and rush times can be requested for additional fees.
Number of Pages Estimated Return Time
10 2-3 business days
10-50 3-6 business days
50+ TBD
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Learn about Our Ongoing Translation Options

Bureau Works provides a translation management system built with client success in mind. Whether it’s a single job or an ongoing translation partnership, contact our team to learn more about how we can assist you.

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