Create your translation workflows in Bureau Works without CI/CD configuration with the GitHub Connector. We will take care of the configuration for you, managing many repositories and different file types, such as YAML, JSON, XML, STRINGS, among other formats used in localization projects.

The GitHub Connector works with 2 monitoring strategies:


When monitoring branches, we will configure a set of paths and files, along with a monitoring frequency, and starting rolling projects continuously. When projects are delivered, the Connector will automatically create a Pull Request that can be merged with your branch, allowing you to view the differences in GitHub, and also with full visibility of the whole process in Bureau Works.

For developers it’s great, you will be notified about new files in your work environment. For managers, Bureau Works offers full visibility to spend, quality monitoring and timeliness.

Pull Request

It is also possible to monitor Pull Requests - all of them! The Connector will find the localizable, pre-configured files in any Pull Requests open, and will create the same workflow for production and management.

When delivering files, this strategy will commit the translated files in the same branches that originated the pull requests. Thus, when merged, the Pull Requests will carry along the translated files with them.

Our Customers already started building their own workflows.

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