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With Portuguese being the ninth most spoken language globally and the second most spoken Romance language, it’s considered one of the fastest growing European languages. With this high growth potential, Portuguese translation could be very profitable for any internationalization strategy. To be successful in new markets, you must account for the unstandardized Portuguese dialects to ensure you translate using the correct terminology for each specific location.

At Bureau Works, we provide access to a critical in-country review process as a part of our comprehensive localization process. Our localization management platform is powered by industry-leading linguists and engineers to ensure the user experience feels genuine for each region.

Unique Factors in Portuguese Translation

Portuguese translation can be exceedingly tricky and, if done correctly, can damage your user experience in specific geographic locations. It’s important to note the unique challenges of Portuguese translation to increase your chances of success.





Portuguese does not have a “neutral dialect” that would be accepted by all speakers. While some dialects are more common than others, it requires linguists with high subject matter knowledge and in-depth review processes for each region. As a Romance language, like Spanish and French, Portuguese translations tend to result in longer sentences when translated from English. It’s vital to incorporate a text box and other design accommodations to avoid a damaged user interface. Portuguese has numerous words that have no direct translation in other languages. This issue requires knowledgeable linguists to assess the content matter and choose the most appropriate translation. A typical verb in Portuguese can have over fifty variations to express grammatical tenses and moods. There are also verb tenses for subjunctive moods and personal infinitives, which exist solely in Portuguese.
Being prepared for these challenges, amongst others, and avoiding the associated setbacks are included in the many benefits of working with an industry-leading translation service.

Portuguese Translation Assets Provided By Bureau Works

Our extensive experience in the translation industry has allowed us to develop a catalog of tools and features that improve French translation services. Specifically, our clients enjoy:

Quality Assurance: We provide an extensive quality assurance (QA) process, including in-country reviews, for multiple rounds of proofreading and editing to guarantee translations are linguistically and culturally accurate

Linguist Variety: Our first-class linguists have extensive knowledge of various Portuguese dialects to ensure the proper form is used for any geographical location you choose. They are also subject matter experts in a wide range of areas for better content understanding and translation.

Preview Options: We offer preview options that allow our linguists to see the context surrounding the content they are translating to secure your brand’s content integrity. This added layer of support ensures a higher level of accuracy with translations.

Transparent Billing: We provide transparent quotes for all translation jobs, so you know what to expect and how to prepare your budget. We also allow you to set an automated threshold to approve jobs below an exact price range automatically.

In-depth Reporting: Our granular reporting system allows you to easily track your translation ROI to optimize your chances of market success. This system provides the evidence necessary to help make the best business decisions for your localization goals.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality Portuguese translations with industry-leading tools and features for added support. Our team supports your localization process for continuous growth and scaling across markets.

Bureau Works provides professional translation services to help streamline your entry into new markets. Contact our team to learn more about our Portuguese translation services.

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