Hot off the presses | Five Ways Feature-Based Thought Can Ruin A Product And How To Overcome That
Users want more features. But thinking about software in terms of features may jeopardize the product entirely in the long run. While adding features may improve the customer experience, feature-based thinking can lead to a hollowed-out product with no true creative north. Here's why!
Hustle Sold Separately Podcast | How to Find Your Own Zen
Do you need more zen and balance to your approach? Matt @mattgottesman sits down with Gabriel Fairman (CEO & Founder of Bureau Works) to talk about finding balance as an entrepreneur, what he really learned from living with monks, finding his own path, how our zen affects our employees, how to use daily activities to get you into a zen state or more balanced, lessons in entrepreneurship over the past 15 years and more…
Advertising Week 360 | How to Succeed in the Competitive Tech Industry
Succeeding in any competitive environment requires having basic traits or advantages that your competitors do not have. The same premise applies to the global tech industry. There are plenty of people with ferocious work ethic, tremendous technical expertise, strong connections and a vision of what they want to accomplish. With such competition, how can you succeed? The key is to look at where most people fail. | Six Key Takeaways On How To Successfully Implement Automation And AI In Your Organization
Coming up with good artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is hard. Successfully implementing it at an organizational level is even harder. This article will provide you with a firsthand account on our journey in implementing automation at our organization and a few valuable takeaways and insights. | Nine Ways To Reach A Broader Range Of Tech Candidates
Creativity is about the diversity of voices and opinion. It takes a lot of guts to surround myself with people who do not agree with me, challenge me and often upset me, because they are not focused on saying "yes" to me and making my life easy. Instead, they really believe in their own vision. Dissonance is the mother of creativity. - Gabriel Fairman, Bureau Works | The Language Industry’s Biggest Hires of 2018
Bureau Works names Aaron Schliem Chief Marketing Officer.
The Worldly Marketer Podcast | The Secret Sauce of a Great Translation Provider
Check out Kathrin Bussman's great podcast conversation with CEO Gabriel Fairman.

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