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Enterprise internationalization is a massive undertaking that can be difficult to manage. It’s not just a matter of translating content; there are a number of additional steps that need to be taken into account as well. Uploading projects, reviewing documents, evaluating results, and pushing content live all involve hundreds of easy-to-overlook subtasks that can use up your valuable time and resources. But with the right localization software tools, you can streamline jobs and ensure a much more efficient process.

Ideally, all your software localization tools should live in a single, centralized space. The consolidation of your tools will allow you to foster continuous localization with the structure needed to prevent mistakes. At Bureau Works (BWX), we combine the top localization software tools available into one transparent platform so you can maximize your internationalization ROI.

Must-Have Localization Software Tools

Must-have localization software tools facilitate language translation, enhance security, and provide an end-to-end solution. At BWX, we use a range of these tools to support our services. Some include:


A representational state transfer application programming interface (REST API) provides substantial flexibility and the ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously, thereby streamlining tasks.


The BWX command-line interface (CLI) offers developers another level of control over their calls and requests. Between our CLI and APIs, even the most complex tasks are made possible.


Connectors support a wide range of integrations that streamline localization management throughout the entire ecosystem. For example, you can automate your posting and updates, saving you valuable hours you can put to more constructive use.

Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) speeds the completion of projects and reduces costs by allowing linguists to leverage intelligent, client-based recommendations. At BWX, we use it to make a project more cost-efficient and improve linguist performance.


All content on the BWX platform is encrypted with transfers that leverage SSL/TLS to control data in motion. We also restrict who can download and remove your content from the service, keeping it secure and protected at all times.


All actions on the platform are logged to ensure security traceability. This is especially useful when it comes to unearthing any discrepancies or pinpointing the root of any change or action.

Access Control

Our platform is accessible from almost anywhere, but always remains fully protected using email-driven, multi-factor authentication. You can even restrict access to certain countries, regions, or specific users.

IP Tracking

We monitor access locations to ensure only authorized users in pre-approved locations can reach your content. Plus, unauthorized sites can be easily blocked.

AI-Based Assignments

Sourcing and hiring translators can be a time-consuming process. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven assignments ensure your project is matched with the right linguists without needing dedicated time to vet and hire them.


We provide a range of reports that allow our clients to see where their content performs best and where there are areas for improvement. This valuable data helps you make more insightful business decisions based on empirical evidence.

With this collection of tools, our clients can take advantage of a comprehensive localization management platform that boosts their ROI and helps them make more astute, strategic business decisions on where to expand to and when.

Enhancing Productivity With an Automated Localization Approach

Our localization software tools work together to support the entire content ecosystem. Our intelligent localization approach has the structure of a traditional program and the seamless flow of a continuous strategy.


Traditional localization is a structured process where jobs are all submitted, monitored, and completed in a manual system that requires user intervention at every stage.


  • Complete control over all stages.
  • Errors are easily caught and managed.


  • Time-consuming process.
  • Content is not up-to-date due to delays in translation.


This fully-automated approach first triggers jobs based on updates within the source material. These tasks are then automatically assigned to linguists. Once completed, they are automatically pushed live. This is considered the most elegant localization approach.


  • Content is always up-to-date.
  • The process is practical and cost-effective.


  • Errors can filter through hundreds of pages before detection.
  • Can be challenging to implement.


The hybrid approach to localization combines traditional oversight with the elegance of a continuous program. By using localization software tools like CLIs, APIs, AI assignments, and connectors, it’s possible to create triggers that establish jobs without losing control of them. A transparent platform ensures end-to-end visibility of all tasks and automates projects with ease.

The right localization software tools can facilitate an automated program that’s capable of balancing hundreds of languages, thousands of updates, and dozens of jobs with minimal manager intervention. This cost-efficient approach to global expansion allows managers to concentrate their time on more critical tasks while machines manage the administrative steps in the process. At Bureau Works, our platform supports this hybrid localization approach, giving our clients access to the best translation services possible using technology that is proven to boost their ROI.

Bureau Works provides the best localization software tools to support the total content ecosystem. Contact our team to learn more about our platform and hybrid continuous localization.

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