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Even though 275 million people worldwide speak French, only 3% of the content of the internet is in their language. This disparity reveals a gap in the market that savvy businesses can capitalize on—provided they utilize the right French translation services.

At Bureau Works, we provide rapid, accurate, cost-effective translations in a wide range of languages, including French. Our high-quality translations can help you better connect with consumers and stand out from the competition. With so little French content available online, it’s an open opportunity to acquire a share of the market with the right localization strategy.

Special Considerations for French Translation

Translation to French can be deceptively complex, leading many companies to take advantage of free apps and machine-based programs. However, these don’t typically yield professional-grade results. There are a few special considerations anyone seeking French translation services needs to understand.






There’s no singular version of French that works for every country. There are about 28 different dialects that will change by country and even region within those countries. French translations can be up to 20% longer than their English counterparts. When translating between the two, it’s vital to build a buffer into the code to keep formatting intact. French has many grammatical nuances that require consideration during translation. Nouns have genders and verbs can have up to six different tenses. Sentence structure can also vary widely. French is rife with “false friends”—words in different languages that sound the same but are entirely different. Translators must avoid mixing up these terms and creating inaccurate content. Like English, French has formal and informal terms. For example, “you” can either be “vous” or “tu” depending on the formality or number of people addressed.
While French isn’t the most problematic language to translate, it’s not so simple that a business could rely on machine translation (MT) alone. At Bureau Works, MT is only one part of our overall strategy for offering the best professional-grade translation.

The Benefits of Bureau Works’ French Translation Services

Our extensive experience in the translation industry has allowed us to develop a catalog of tools and features that improve French translation services. Specifically, our clients enjoy:

Speed: Machine translation powered by information specific to your business allows us to speed the completion of translation. It’s a tool that offers suggestions to linguists based on commonly used terms or corporate lexicons.

Accuracy: We capture details pertinent to your content with a translation memory (TM) designed specifically for your brand. Teaming the TM with our expert linguists ensures accurate results every time.

Transparency: We pass the savings from using machine translation onto our clients who will enjoy better results and a higher ROI. Our billing is highly transparent, so you always know what to expect for any given job.

Variety: We have linguists who specialize in every French variant, so accurate dialect is never an issue. We can attract the top talent because we offer competitive pay and supportive tools to our translators.

Simplicity: Our localization management platform was designed with simplicity in mind. There’s no following up on projects or chasing down jobs since you can see every task’s status at a glance.

Insight: Keeping track of your translation ROI is much easier with our granular reporting options and various integrations. We help you to see where you spend the most money and which locales produce the best results.

We’re miles ahead of other French translation services because we don’t skimp on technology or talent. Our linguists go through a stringent vetting process and our platform is possibly the most advanced in the industry.

Choosing the Right Bureau Works French Translation Services

At Bureau Works, no job is too big or too small. We have service levels for every need.


This is a suitable option for one-time projects or businesses that don’t need regular translation. Clients may get a French birth certificate translated or update essential business paperwork for overseas deals. Even if you intend to use our services for one project, we still create a custom client profile and translation memory that can power potential recurring jobs.


This solution is excellent for companies hoping to enter French markets for the first time. In addition to creating a custom client profile and translation memory, we’ll also provide you with the ability to set priority projects for faster turnaround times.


This total solution to French translation services is ideal for companies hoping to enter multiple markets. In addition to the benefits described above, a customized plan and end-to-end localization support are provided to ensure you seamlessly enter any market and have up-to-date content.
French translation services from Bureau Works can help you stand out from the competition and cater to new audiences. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a platform and pool of linguists that provide the best translation for just about every application. Enjoy the benefit of our expertise as you grow your brand.

Bureau Works provides industry-leading French translation services to help you achieve your business expansion goals. Contact our team to learn more about our offerings.

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