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Legal translation services are unique because the law has its own language. Many terms professionals use every day may have no direct foreign interpretation.

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Plus, the legal industry is extremely regulated, which creates a need for rapid, accurate project completion in a highly secure environment. It’s certainly not services that just any agency can provide, but Bureau Works can because we understand the challenges involved and are well-equipped to manage them.

Whether you’re dealing with a short deadline or a highly complex contract you need to send overseas, we have the linguistic expertise to help. And our localization management platform allows you to leverage the latest innovations in translation to cut costs and save time.

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Bureau Works Areas of Legal Translation Expertise

There are a wide range of applications when it comes to legal translation services. While law firms are typical clients, businesses, educational institutions, and even individuals may all find themselves needing these services. Some of the most common projects focus on:
Immigration applications—along with the accompanying documents—must be completed in the nation’s native language. For those emigrating to the U.S., USCIS certification is vital. Attorneys must translate these documents accurately to limit the risk of delays in the lengthy immigration process.
International students must pass through additional loopholes for applications and financing. The aid of an attorney is vital to navigating the process. Students may be better able to complete forms in their primary language. Attorneys must then provide translated documents for decision-makers.
Employment agreements and contracts must be clear to both parties, so mirroring documentation is vital. Aside from private contracts, companies and employees may also be subject to regulatory requirements to ensure legal work status. All this will require expert translators with specific employment law experience.
Translated contracts must be identical to their original counterparts. Without accurate translation, contract invalidation is likely. These documents can have many different provisions, as well as wording with no direct translation. Linguists must understand the purpose of the contract to translate it accurately.
Documents and Forms
Templates are a staple in the legal field since they’re time savers. Translating them the right way once makes it much easier to handle their updates for subsequent projects. The ability to store commonly used terms, corporate lexicons, and firm glossaries seamlessly adapts templates for any language while minimizing costs.
Affidavits and Filings
Discovery, court filings, transcriptions, and other documents drive the legal process. The translation must meet the highest quality standards and often requires rapid turnaround. A transparent workflow, machine translation, expert linguists, and priority assignments ensure the utmost accuracy in the quickest amount of time.

At Bureau Works, we serve all of these various needs because of how we structure our services. A combination of proprietary technology and skilled linguists helps us deliver industry-leading expertise.

How We Deliver the Best Legal Translation Services

The financial industry is a broad term that applies to a wide range of entities, each one with specific requirements. As a result, we built our translation services to be flexible enough to serve firms across the spectrum. Some of our satisfied clients include:

Legal terminology has distinct nuances that require specific expertise. We leverage translation memories to store these terms and their ideal translated counterparts for future use.

Machine translation is often viewed as unreliable—unless you train it right. We use translation memories, corporate lexicons, termbases, and other assets to create automated translations based on your organization’s unique needs.

Finding the right translators with the technical and legal expertise you require is a job in itself. We’ve eliminated this time-consuming step by creating an artificial intelligence program that uses project metrics and your criteria to match your needs with the perfect linguist.

Managers spend valuable time hunting down projects and following up with translators. Our transparent workflow allows them to see exactly where their projects are in real-time and shows them when to expect their completed projects.

Confidentiality is essential in the legal industry. Bureau Works boasts one of the most secure translation platforms online. We encrypt all data and block individuals from downloading without authorization. This is a much secure approach than simply emailing documents back and forth.

Legal operations managers are always looking for ways to maximize the billable hour. We offer detailed reporting that allows you to see precisely what translation costs by subject, document, or project.

We’re able to offer the best legal translation services by using this collection of tools and employing our talented team of translators to streamline workflows, enhance accuracy, and improve your return on investment. If you’re in the market for legal translation, Bureau Works is your best solution.

Bureau Works provides legal translation services for a wide range of industries. We guarantee the accuracy you need to meet even the most stringent standards. To learn more, contact our team.

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