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Birth certificate translation is required for nearly all immigration applications including visas, passports, DACA registration or renewals, etc. They can also be required for marriage certificates when having a destination wedding, foreign school applications, and even employment applications. While this may seem like a simple endeavor, it’s very sensitive. Any misspelling, incorrect translation, or formatting error can result in delay or rejection of your application.

If you need your birth certificate translated, you should be aware of the requirements for translating it for whatever the purpose is and choose a translation service that can easily meet these requirements. Bureau Works not only understands and abides by these requirements, but we also know what questions to ask to guarantee we have all the information we need to provide quick, accurate translations.

Requirements for Birth Certificate Translation

The most common reason for needing birth certificate translation is immigration purposes, and in that case, it’s important to know the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services translation requirements. USCIS requires the following:

              • The translation is done by a certified native speaker of the language in which it’s being translated
              • A signed certificate of complete and accurate translation
              • A copy of your birth certificate in its original language
What Information is Necessary for Birth Certificate Translation

Government agencies sometimes generate an abbreviated version of a birth certificate. If possible, it’s best to obtain the long, unabbreviated version to ensure all the necessary information is listed to meet USCIS requirements. This information includes:

              • Your full name
              • Date of birth (month, day, year)
              • Place of birth
              • Parents’ full name (if both are available)
              • Parents’ place of birth
              • Parents’ date of birth
              • Seal of issuing authority

Meeting these requirements will ensure you have all the necessary information for any reviewers or other government authorities.

Understanding the Bureau Works Translation Process

Our extensive translation industry knowledge and premiere platform have allowed us to create a birth certificate translation process that promotes accuracy, transparency, and speed. We believe in doing it right the first time and avoiding any delays on your end.

              • Step 1: Upload your document to be translated
              • Step 2: We offer a transparent pricing quote and timeframe
              • Step 3: An expert linguist is assigned to translate the document
              • Step 4: The translated document undergoes extensive quality review
              • Step 5: The document is returned to you for approval

If any adjustments or corrections need to be made, Bureau Works will gladly work with you to ensure everything meets your standards and matches government requirements.

Bureau Works Birth Certificate Translation Options

Our industry-leading localization management platform provides two affordable options to provide you with the translation service that best fits your needs.

Bureau Works
Our Bureau Works agency allows you to translate multiple documents in our full project management setting. This option costs 18 cents per word on average with a minimum fee of $50. It allows you to benefit from our best translation tools and features and ensures consistent, quality translations for all your documents.
Bureau Express
Our express option allows you to upload your document, and it undergoes our AI linguist assignment and review process before being returned to you. This option costs 14 cents per word on average with no minimum fee. Simply upload your birth certificate, and we’ll handle the rest quickly and easily.

At Bureau Works, we believe in providing you with certified birth certificate translation that’s guaranteed to meet all requirements and aid your application process. Contact our team today to learn more about our solutions.

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