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After English and German, Dutch is the third most widely spoken Germanic language. It also has many nuances that make it difficult to translate accurately and appropriately. Therefore, anyone looking to break into Dutch markets must seek expert translation services to adapt their content successfully.

At Bureau Works, we provide expert linguists with a wide range of subject matter expertise to create an engaging user experience for consumers. Our industry-leading platform streamlines localization efforts with innovative technology and transparent workflows to help you enter new markets more efficiently.

The Complexities of Dutch Translation

While Dutch is considered to be easy to learn for English speakers, it still poses several challenges when it comes to translating content. A few of the known difficulties are:





Dutch word order can be highly complicated and is considered difficult to master without having read a lot of Dutch materials to obtain the correct sense of it. Translation requires expert linguists that understand how various components can cause a sentence structure to change. The Dutch language has evolved into many different dialects that switch depending on the city or region. The exact number is unknown, but it’s been estimated to have anywhere between 100-200 dialects that can have significant differences between them. Dutch has a wide range of vocabulary, and its language dictionary is known as the largest in the world. Dutch has several words that are impossible to translate into English and require expert knowledge to choose the best replacement for them. While English has one definite article, “the,” Dutch has two, “de” and “het.” Nouns are assigned a grammatical gender in Dutch and require random use of the masculine/feminine article “de” or the neutral/common article “het”. A linguist must be aware of the grammar rules to determine when to use each article.
Because of these issues, using machine translation services can easily result in inaccurate translations and damage your projected return on investment. Working with an expert localization management platform is the best way to avoid this.

How Bureau Works Leads in Dutch Translation Services

At Bureau Works, we believe in a comprehensive end-to-end translation service that focuses on both client and consumer happiness. You can expect access to a range of tools and features when working with us, including:

Translation Accuracy Tools: We provide first-rate tools and features to aid our linguists with accurately translating all content. Tools like translation memories, glossaries, etc., map and save previously translated content to suggest future translations for increased consistency.

Variable Multimedia Capabilities: Bureau Works not only translates text on different websites or software, but we also handle a variety of multimedia, including subtitles, voiceovers, and scripts. We give you various options to communicate your message and improve your brand presence.

Marketing Expertise: While we believe in creating an engaging user experience, we also understand the importance of marketing your brand. We provide a wide range of advertising knowledge to help increase brand awareness in new markets.

Vast Integration Support: We offer a broad range of integration options for different programs like WordPress, GitHub, Zendesk, etc. You can streamline the process and stay on top of things by working within a content management system with which you’re familiar.

File Support: We give you access to experienced coders that engineer and protect your code from damage during translations. This support ensures no user interface errors need fixing and cause delay and is especially important during app localization.

At Bureau Works, we go above and beyond to provide the best Dutch translation services. We give you an expert team to support the entire localization process and help you profit in new markets.

Bureau Works offers leading Dutch translation services for a wide range of needs. Contact our team to learn about how we can help your efforts.

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