Volkswagen Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

20 languages, AEM Connector, Continuous Localization Framework

Total Projects - more than 500 projects

Adobe Experience Manager is one of the leading enterprise web content management systems. With its internal translation framework and features such as Adobe Live Copy, AEM offers a wide range of functionalities that enable effective multilingual content management. 

With all that though, AEM requires a powerful Translation Management System such as BWX that is able to predictably transform XML output files into predictable localization assets, preserve the integrity of these files, and then deliver them back to AEM.

While it seems simple and straightforward, like most things, it becomes complex and troublesome when you dive in. The AEM XML structure is not that straightforward often with bits of HTML and JSON injected into the XML code. This requires custom parsing rules as well as regular expressions in order to successfully process content. 

Minor deviations in parsing and segmentation could lead to negative financial consequences due to loss of translation memory leveraging as well as compromise overall quality and consistency.

We added extra features to our standard AEM connector that optimizes ease of use for Volkswagen, conveying our ultimate commitment to customer satisfaction and use case success.

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