SmartRecruiters - AppLocalization - 42 languages - Total Words Processed: 4MM words processed per year

Web Apps and Mobile Apps are tricky business when it comes to localization. Protecting code integrity and variables, ensuring terminological consistency and continuous localization cycles can become clumsy if not impossible to adequately manage.

Bureau Works has proven methodology and technology that makes this complex process into a manageable continuous improvement framework. For more information on App Localization please refer to our App Localization best practices

As a global leader in recruitment software operating in over 42 languages, SmartRecruiters has acute sensitivity to not only translation accuracy but also sensitivity to context. In an app the word “Home” for instance can literally refer to someone’s “Home address”, domicile, or to the idea of returning to the “Home page”, web page. Translators need to be focused on inferring context and understanding how to best choose terms by thinking with the eyes of a platform. This will allow them to infer usability and intellligbility over textual correctness.

Bureau Works leverages it’s unique autopilot framework in order to place jobs automatically to the best translators available specially for SmartRecruiters ensuring maximum consistency of employed talent as opposed to assigning translation tasks simply to the first translator available. Continuity and app specific familiarity are key pillars towards building a successful app localization program.

The end result is that we have built out a predictable and manageable framework. We can know where and how we need to improve, show results in a clear a demonstrable way and deliver what matters: a quality experience for app users across dozens of markets.

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