Pfizer - Centralized Knowledge Management and Savings

Savings, Total Projects - 22% savings on average for more than 1,300 projects

When it comes to enterprise grade implementations, few platforms if any deliver what Bureau Works is able to deliver. 

Bureau Works allows users across different departments to leverage each other’s translations so that no two sentences identical sentences are ever retranslated. This drives savings (both time and money) as well as consistency.

Most importantly, Bureau Works allows Pfizer’s procurement team to measure these savings and efficiency, control spend across cost centers and acquire a profound understanding of overall translation operations at a managerial level.

Bureau Works also has enabled Pfizer to centrally manage terminology across departments and geographies, promoting greater brand consistency, improved SEO results nd overall engagement with company literature.

Bureau Works also uses it’s reporting capabilities to generate and deliver monthly and quarterly reports that show management exactly the KPIs they are most interested in. The amalgamation of all these qualities leads to robust translation program that is minimizes costs, maximizes quality and adds managerial transparency.

Whether it’s working with Regulatory or Marketing, Web or Clinical Trials, Bureau Works has a flexibile framework that consistently delivers.

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