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% Savings - 30% Savings on average

Training your people across different geographies is a must for global organizations. And even though your people may speak English as their second language, it’s proven that content retention and understanding is always superior in one’s native language. In a highly competitive environment every bit of leverage counts and when you think about it from a cost-benefit perspective it’s unequivocally beneficial to get your training material translated in order to maximize adoption and absorption.

Creating eLearning content is a massive undertaking. Adding translation to the enterprise, expontentializes the complexity of that undertaking. And to that end Kraft-Heinz has partnered with Bureau Works in order to guarantee peace of mind and minimal overhead when managing complex eLearning translation projects in over 10 languages.

Our process with eLearning deliver turn-key courses that are ready for your team to deploy in as many markets as you need. When it comes to Aritculate Storyline 360, our team has an extraordinarily thorough process that ensures that every bit and crack in a training module gets picked up, mapped out and handled appropriately. For more information on our detailed process please refer to “A step by step e-Learning Translation Project guide”.

In nutshell, our engineers transform the Articulate Storyline 360 content into translatable content that is worked through our Translation Editor (our enhanced translation productivity environment). We use our tools to maintain terminology integrity as well as overall content readability, accuracy and intelligibility. We then assign and monitor translation progress through our automation tools. Content gets reviewed by markets prior to re-assembly in Articulate which minimizes back and forth, costs, and maximizes time-to-market. The end result is that training is delivered seamlessly and effectively across multiple geographies and contexts.

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