Harley-Davidson Owner and Service Manuals

Owner and Service Manuals are typically considered a part of vehicles for good reason. The literature that describes how to operate and repair motorcycles critically impact user experience intelligibility across languages. From a management perspective, it’s imperative to devise a framework that minimizes overhead and expedites workflow automation. Every single change in English creates a ripple effect across all of the markets that require translation. Considering that owner and repair manuals are constantly changing, if you didn’t handle these changes with automation and triggers, you would be looking at a heavy and ineffective overhead just to push these changes up and down. 

That’s why we created and customed a connector that relays translation content back and forth between Blaise (a Cognitran Company). Content ready for translation flows into BWX where it is leveraged against Translation Memories and only new or changed content gets sent for translation. This ensures maximum savings, consistency, and turnaround times. 

Our connector also relies on our autopilot technology that keeps tracks of translator performance across languages in order to guarantee that jobs are placed to those with the best performance record as opposed to just working with people who were once upon a time deemed trustworthy. 

We also created a specific troubleshooting framework to ensure that content packages exchanged between Blaise and BWX were both retrieved and delivered successfully, providing translators and project managers with insights regarding potential divergences that would result in unsuccessful deliveries.

The end result: a tamed beast. Technology, creativity, and people all came together to ensure that what could easily unfold into a chaotic nightmare, evolved into a predictable and manageable localization program.

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