Cloudflare - Help Center, Blogs and Support Translation

More than 3,600 projects

      As a fast growing tech company, Cloudflare requires

    partners that are dynamic, agile and adaptive to use case sensitivity. 

Bureau Works leveraged it’s database with over 36,000 translators in order to find translators that not only were knowledgeable in tech but that were also Cloudflare enthusiasts.

Whether it’s a more slangy blog post or a more technical support article, translators that are brand enthusiasts will more often than not deliver a superior information integrity during the translation process. Going beyond the words and delving deeper into the intentions, the mening, the context, and the audience demographic.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be jargonny and formal. Other times it’s fundamental to keep it loose and easy to understand. Sometimes words don’t have direct translations and often generic concepts can become key brand pillars. Expert enthusiasts are able to catalyze this awareness into optimal textual choices in order to deliver content that resonates deeply with intended audiences.

In addition to specifically recruiting for and building a custom-built team, Bureau Works worked closely with Cloudflare in order to deliver specific solutions when needed ranging from SEO analysis to App Localization QA and transcription.

Our commitment to success and flexibility is shown through the appreciation we cultivate with our clients. Most importantly, it’s ever growing and evolving.

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