Bureau Works...for Zendesk
Ensure amazing customer support in every market - in their own language.

Empower your global help desk.

Every organization wants customer experience to shine regardless of the market. The Bureau Works - Zendesk integration makes translating support content fast and easy. Get it all! Integrated localization with brand-focused human translation.

  • No more spreadsheets to track localization
  • Automate translation of articles, even dynamic content
  • Deliver translations as drafts or publish immediately - you’re in control
  • Control the flow of translation and track expenses
Empower your global help desk.
Step 1

Analyze your setup

We help you evaluate of your Zendesk configuration to design translation workflows and project approval protocol.

Step 2

Connect and launch

Connect your Zendesk in Bureau Works and explore the control panel. Projects can run with no human intervention or you can approve each. Your choice!

Step 3

Monitor your program

Bureau Works will send you notification by Slack or email when you need to take action.

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