Bureau Works...for Github
Constantly monitor your Github repositories for changes in source string files.

Continuous localization made easy

The Github Connector allows Bureau Works to constantly monitor your Github repositories for changes in source string files. We can easily configure the routine to suit your needs - monitoring specific branches, setup the appropriate delivery mechanisms.

  • Easy setup and launch
  • Connect your code base to the source of translation truth
  • Customize localization plan for iOS, Android and web apps
  • No more spreadsheets to track localization
Continuous localization made easy
Step 1
Connect your Github

Connect your Github

Connect your github account and setup your repositories and files that will be monitored

Step 2
 Review and approve

Review and approve

The platform lets you customize the behavior and frequency of new projects - from auto-launch to manual approval.

Step 3
 Track quality metrics

Track quality metrics

Bureau Works collects data on linguistic and program performance so you can track and evolve.

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