The criteria taken into account to characterize a website as the “Most Translated in the World” are several, among them is the number of languages ​​that can be chosen by users in its interface, for that several versions of the pages contained in the site that is created. Here is the list of the most translated websites nowadays:

The World’s Most Translated Websites:
Jehovah Witnesses 1.030  Languages
Wikipedia 300     Languages
Google 164     Languages
Apple 125     Languages
Facebook 101     Languages

As it is shown, the difference between the first and most translated site to the second is considerable. Wikipedia is the main page for information about everything in the world, it has about 300 available languages to its users and it really helps.

By the second one, Google appears with 164 languages, followed by Apple website end after it, Facebook. It must be considered that these websites are very famous, and actually, they are translated into many languages, mainly from the countries in which their products are mostly sold, so it does not really need to be available in the very all existent languages.

Currently, the most translated website in the world is, the official page of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which includes more than 1,030 languages, including indigenous languages ​​that are endangered, precisely because of the lack of translation for current generations. Languages ​​are embedded whether in articles, images or even videos, which is impressive. Timeline surpassed the most famous translator in the world, offered by Google, in 2010 when the company offered about 125 languages ​​in its translation tool, already surpassed the house of 272 ready languages, but at the time they already had projects in more than 400. By 2014 this number had surpassed 700, incredible to think about the speed at which so many languages ​​were introduced.

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Members of the website say that translations started precariously around the 1800s, and precisely because of the more democratic access to the internet and the ease of communication between people from different countries, the number of available languages ​​​​doubled arithmetically.

The difference between the languages ​​offered by the most famous translator and Jehovah’s Witnesses is absurd, in 2020 the number already exceeded 1,020 while Google offered only 287, an interesting fact since pages like Wikipedia (which uses Google’s tool for its translations) had about 27 million readers and Google 1.7 billion, while had only 8.6 million, a fact even more striking since the site that offers the most accessibility in terms of languages, is a non-commercial website but focused on religious purposes.

But how is the website translated?

Most of the content is done by well-trained volunteer translators, divided into more than 350 remote offices around the world, to ensure that the translation will be as correct as possible, the offices are located at specific points where the native languages ​​are concentrated, which favors the immersion of interpreters, who can test the language in person before using it in the content that will be published.

Several languages ​​need special attention in formatting and specific pages to support the language that sometimes differs greatly from what we are used to reading. All material is directed to the center in Warwick, New York, where it’s revised.

Incredible to imagine that for over 200 years the religious group has been striving to disseminate its Christian bible in all languages ​​to reach as many people as possible, the site has earned the title of “The World’s Most Translated Website” for years, and will hard to miss that title.

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Rodrigo Demetrio

July 1, 2022

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