Over 460 million people speak Spanish, giving the language the second largest population of native speakers globally. It’s also the 2nd most spoken language in the U.S. alone, with over 13% of the population speaking the language. And by 2050, it’s projected that one in three people will speak Spanish in the U.S. With data like this, it’s no wonder more, and more brands are working so hard to branch out to Hispanic markets. But how does a company begin making itself known to more Hispanic consumers? That’s where this article can help. We’ll discuss how to start marketing to Hispanic consumers giving you a solid foundation to attract new customers successfully.  

Why Market to Hispanic Consumers?

The Hispanic market is comprehensive, with 22 countries with Spanish as their official language, with 15 being Hispanic. Localizing your content to Spanish opens the door for your company to be more inclusive towards this large community and could easily give you an edge over potential competition. This inclusivity helps brands connect with consumers on a deeper level and increases your content’s likability in any given market. It also leads to a greater likelihood of them purchasing your product.  

Increased Brand Awareness 

If localizing your content leads to even a fraction of the large Hispanic community viewing it and discussing it, your company’s brand awareness increases exponentially. This increase creates a growing interest in your content and any products you’re advertising. In today’s society, being inclusive not only boosts your brand’s integrity but can also set you up as a more credible and reliable source than your competitors.  

Increased Consumer Engagement 

If your content is localized well, the increase in brand awareness will directly lead to increased brand value in Hispanic markets. Consumers will be much more likely to engage with your content instead of exiting your website after a few minutes of doing nothing on it. This engagement leads to consumers feeling more connected to your brand and more willing to promote your product and remain loyal customers.  

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Increased Sales Profit 

Increasing consumer engagement and loyalty can easily contribute to an increase in the sales of your product. Facilitating that connection with consumers by translating your content to their native language can help them feel like they will receive high-quality products and services when buying from your brand. And their willingness to promote your brand will continue to bring in more paying customers.  

How to Get Started Marketing to Hispanic Consumers 

How do you get started in marketing to Hispanic consumers? By translating your content to Neutral Spanish, or Universal Spanish, this process involves picking terms most Spanish speakers will understand. Having content in Spanish is a great way to begin to see the benefits of incorporating that inclusivity into your brand’s marketing strategy.  

Once you’ve localized to a generalized Spanish, you can begin to dive further and hyper-localize your content to attract specific demographics. While you can take as much time as you want with this step with written content or images, this is especially important if your content includes voiceovers. 

Hyper-localization allows you to narrow down your target audience by regions, age groups, etc. You can then choose linguists fluent in a specific regional dialect and incorporate content that resonates more with your chosen demographic. By doing so, you further increase your brand audience and potential ROI for those markets.  

Work With a Trusted Partner 

Working with a localization management platform that houses linguists who are experts in the varying Spanish dialects and experts in a wide variety of content subject matter is the best way to enter a new Hispanic market. At Bureau Works, our years of researching and implementing the best practices for localization have helped many leading companies become major competitors in new markets. We provide high-quality, accurate translations on a platform built with innovative technology, features, and transparent workflows. We have the understanding and diligence it takes to help you get started marketing to Hispanic consumers and implement a thorough strategy and launch your content successfully. 

Bureau Works has been a trusted partner to localize content and help expand Hispanic consumer bases. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you.

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Gabriel Fairman

March 3, 2022

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