The last Halloween I attended was in 2019, when we lived in insanity: we blew birthday candles, we shook hands with strangers and even grabbed the handles on the London tube! This year was good, people are back on the streets and kids were way too happy. Good. =) Onto the news:

Project Manager Dashboard

The default PM dashboard is more useful now. They will see a list of projects that by default will display the projects due on that day, and quickly navigate between overdue, future projects and tasks. The same applies to Tasks, but in most use cases it will be more efficient to primarily track the Tasks associated with translation jobs – so these will be displayed first.

Search and Replace in Editor

While in the Editor, you can now perform a Search-and-Replace operation for both single and joined Work Units! In one swift operation, you can update several Work Units at once, and these changes will consequently reflect in the associated Translation Memories.

Search and Replace Panel

Start for Free

Confirmation Modal

QA Improvements and Filters for Joined Work Units

While running QA routines, not the Editor will specify which Work Unit is the one affected by a QA alert. The name of the file will be clearly visible upon using the QA tool.

QA with specific pointer to Work Unit

Metadata Filters

Whitespace Fix After Double-byte Periods for APAC Languages

Let’s get nerdy now. In some languages, the period is a double-byte character:

Our occidental period is a single byte: .

So upon generating the translated file, sometimes the spaces got a little bit messed up. Long story short, this was fixed.

API Access Quotas

We implemented a report with all programmatic and non-programmatic access to our API. The idea is to create a distinction between your use in BWX while using the client interface, and programmatic access (Postman, CLI, API integrations). These tools will path our way towards being able to better track our fair use policy, while being transparent with our clients at the same time.

Bottom of the News

Roses are red
Bugs have been fixed
Bruises are blue
Features have been added
And it’s all thanks to you

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November 5, 2021

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