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eLearning can be complex

In order to succeed you need a robust way to:

  • Tackle and expedite In-country review

  • Integrate Audio, Visual and Interactive Components

  • Scale-up and down without loss of quality or speed

“It is such a pleasure working with you, and it was a delight to meet you in person this year! I particularly appreciate your consistent kindness no matter what the situation is at hand. I know we often have aggressive, sometimes unrealistic, deadlines; yet, you always approach them with a spirit of partnership. You have been open to feedback, always looking to see how we can improve processes or specific translations. I can’t tell you how much that means to me! I greatly appreciate all that you and your team have done to contribute toward the success of our projects.”

Aleta Wolf

Sr. Manager, Training Development & Deployment

Team working

The Process

Translating eLearning can be incredibly complex. So many moving parts, many courses, and many languages. Multiply that and if you don’t have a super robust process you are in deep waters quickly. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and reliable.

  • Alignment between translators and in-country reviewers

  • Excellence in eLearning file-engineering

  • Functional and Linguistic QA

  • Customer-oriented project management

eLearning requires the conjunction of so many differents aspects of translation in order to succeed. Any weak link and the entire process will fall apart.

Our approach is based on creating trust and alignment between translators and in-country reviewers. This cuts back on their editing time to ensure we adhere to proposed timelines and makes the process flow ever more smoothly. We cast translators specifically for large projects beforehand so that translation quality is predictable as opposed to guesswork.

eLearning requires a robust enough process so that there are no surprises. If at the end of publishing a course you still need to implement linguistic or functional fixes, you are done for when you scale that up. You need a process that ensures that any changes are taken care of and any issues are mitigated prior to building and testing final assets.

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Localization is often the study of how simple things can become impossible to manage. In the case of eLearning it’s the study of how complex things can become a nightmare so quickly.

Tiny Imperfection at scale become critical structural flaws

Here are a few examples of critical challenges regarding multilingual eLearning production:

  • Your audio must sync with your onscreen events

  • Timing of translated audio does not match original audio

  • Translation dilation must be curbed/controlled in certain languages

  • Interactions (especially complex ones) can break or cease to operate as expected

  • eLearning content may not be exported in its integrity

  • Knowledge-base to ensure consistency in sentence re-use and terminology

We have turned eLearning translation at Bureau Works into a science. We take our time to understand the intricacies of our client’s specific programs and needs. Every eLearning we have seen has different flavors and requirements. In order to succeed our team dials into all of those. We leverage our expertise to introduce a process that makes chaos become a friendly and predictable friend. Overcoming adversity together with our clients sets us apart, not by a bit, but by a longshot.

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